Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Flowing, moving, nourishing. . .
The terebinth attests to the life beneath.
The flesh returns --
lost, wandering, seeking life.
Issue of the remnant yet
Ignorant of the Maker.
Nourish, feed, hope, wait.

The rumble of footsteps,
yet more flesh and beast . . .
--a different scent--
Ah, one who knows!
The touch of the Maker,
Blessing to the land,
A promise, a hope,
A pleasing aroma rises.
The blessed journeys on.
Hope is renewed.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The earth shudders,
Poison unleased.
Oh flesh, why?
The curse, the curse
Life enchained
The earth groans and
Waits for the Redemption.

Life poured out,
Death seeps in.
The earth cries out!
Putrid taste, overwhelming stench--
The stain spreads.
The flesh corrupts.
All is fouled, all is weary.

The Maker calls!
Enough! Break loose!
Begin again, wash the filth!
Swirling, raging,
Choking, swallowing,
Flesh struggles,
Falls silent.
The rage subsides--
Return to your appointed place.
All is silent.